Beauty is all around us, every day. When we notice and appreciate beauty, we feel better.

That is the simple philosophy behind Every Beautiful Day.

I started putting my original photography on products like magnets, cards, metal prints and pillows in 2016, and quickly became hooked on creating more and more beautiful images for people to affordably enjoy. Some of my favorite subjects--flower portraits, natural patterns and textures, and the interplay of natural light with the landscape--seem to inspire others as well. I think that is because nature heals, even as it points us to God—our creator, friend, companion and ultimate healer. 

A beautiful photograph can transport us to a better mood, an inspiring thought or a moment of relaxation. If I can provide that "piece of peace" for your home or office, I'll be overjoyed and grateful!

I've been exploring photography, on and off, for more than 30 years. During my college years, I learned how to shoot and develop black-and-white photos and worked as a field photographer for a local forest preserve district. Later, I edited a magazine for professional photographers and grew to admire their skill and craft as I learned about the technical aspects of creating an image. Later still as an editor and creative director, I worked with many accomplished photographers and learned about lighting, composition and design. Today, I'm proud to say that I make my images with my iPhone! The simple but powerful technology lets me concentrate on the beauty of my subject without worrying too much about the technical details. Someday soon, I'll upgrade to a "better" camera. But for now, I enjoy the unique challenge of creating art with this little pocket computer.

I hope you find something beautiful here that speaks to you. Thank you for stopping by!

-Dawn Bertuca