Beautiful Surprises

Life is unpredictable. I think we all realize that now. The last several months have been surreal and stressful, even painful for many.

Uncertainty is sooo hard to embrace, isn't it? It is for me. However, I've found that asking "what if" can drain the joy out of the present moment.

The antidote to worry is faith. Someone asked me recently, "what is faith to you?" And my answer was: "Faith is knowing that even when things aren't going the way you want, God can provide a beautiful surprise where you least expect it."

I'm not sure where the words "beautiful surprise" came from, but during these months of quarantine, I have enjoyed many beautiful surprises including:

-Family dinners, family prayers and family game nights;

-Renewed interests and hobbies;

-Creative playtime (tie-dye, anyone?);

-Zoom "girls nights";

-Neighborhood walks; and 

-As a society, I think we've seen some beautiful surprises as well: healthcare heroes, communities coming together, the spirit of our essential workers, and the voice of the people against injustice. 

Inspired by this concept of "beautiful surprises," and knowing that many people need some cheer right now, I decided to put this surprise box out there for you to give to yourself or someone else. Each one includes a 5x5 "encouraging words" print, and is chock full of beautiful nature photography gift items. Include a gift message and I will send your recipient a hand-written note as well! 

And speaking of unpredictability, 2020 has sharpened my focus on food security and food justice, causes I've been supporting for awhile with my fundraiser for The GardenWorks Project. I will write more about food security and food justice in my next blog post. But basically, giving more people the ability to grow nutiritious food is more important now than ever. That is why ALL proceeds from the Beautiful Surprise Box (basically the purchase price of your box less shipping) will go to support the Urban Growers Collective, which is doing great work in my hometown of Chicago. 

Finally, as an artist, I've had to change my ideas about business due to the pandemic. In-person events such as art fairs and gallery shows have been completely cancelled. I've been embracing this timing and thinking of ways of re-tooling my business. But I still have lots of inventory that I normally would have sold at art fairs in the spring. Nothing makes me happier than sharing beautiful nature images with people who love them. SO it seemed obvious to create a "box of beautiful." I have many treasures to share, and I hope they inspire you to slow down, appreciate the beauty around you and anticipate beautiful surprises in your life. 

TLDR: For only $29, you will receive $50 worth of Every Beautiful Day original photo items. Find more details HERE. It's a box full of beautiful, nature-inspired imagery to brighten your days, give as a gift, or share with a friend.  All proceeds go to Urban Growers Collective. You don't know what you will get, but you definitely can expect something beautiful. 

Questions, problems with your order, or other issues? Please don't hesitate to contact me! 

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