Spring Bird Artist Residency: Hidden Treasures

The woods is not often showy.

You may set out on a photo hike, only to think, "nothing's blooming." At first glance there is nothing special happening. But if you slow down—way down—and look around, you will begin to notice hidden treasures.

A spiderweb in the sun. A pool of algae circling in the creek. The tiniest woodland flowers. A carpet of moss. A shelf of fungi.

I recently spent two days at Spring Bird Cottage in Dundee, Illinois, where I am Artist-In-Residence for 2019! I'm so honored and grateful for the opportunity to spend time at this wonderful nature retreat.

I left with such gratitude for Spring Bird's owners, Anna and Pat, who care for this unspoiled land and maintain the cottage with such graceful hospitality. I'm grateful for nature, and solitude, and respite.

I'll share more about Spring Bird soon. Read more about my artist residency here.



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