Recap of Spring Bird Photo Workshop

I recently led my first Smartphone Nature Photography Workshop at Spring Bird Cottage. I arrived early to get ready for the day and catch the morning light. Spring Bird never disappoints! While fall color was still a bit muted in the woods, I still found some interesting woodland treasures to photograph, like this wood fungus (daedala quercina?) and these tiny berry blossoms.


I prepped my presentation and waited to greet my students. I was super excited to meet them! All iPhone users, they were eager to learn better mastery of their cameras. We spent about an hour discussing how to get the best composition, focus, and exposure using the iPhone camera. Then, we moved on to learn some "secrets" and principles of nature photography.

Finally, it was time for a nature walk to put our new knowledge into practice. Just as we stepped into the woods, a small brown snake went slithering by, giving everyone an opportunity to practice getting down on the ground and practice selective focus. We even used our "burst mode" to capture his tiny tongue as it flicked in and out! I'm not a big fan of snakes, but this one was pretty cute.


We explored the woods for about an hour. Marbles the cat kept us company and posed for a few pictures as well. After about an hour, everyone gathered back at the cottage. We learned some simple editing tricks including cropping, straightening and adjusting the color and exposure of our images. Getting familiar with the iPhone editing tools, and some pro tips for using them, really made a difference in the images. Students left with new skills to practice, and eager for more! They really ran with what they learned. I was so inspired by their "seeing" and creating of images! In addition, I remain so grateful to Anna and Pat Lentz of Spring Bird for their stewardship of the land, their dedication to creative pursuits, and their generosity.

Peg Lentz image      Student image!  Peg Lentz image

I'm looking forward to running this workshop again in the spring, and creating a "part two" to continue the learning. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you! What would you like to learn about Smartphone Nature Photography? Leave a comment, message me on Facebook or Instagram, or use the contact form.

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