You Will Rise Again

I remember the season in which I took this photo. It was the summer of 2018. I had just learned that someone close to me was going through a tough time. I felt so deeply the pain of that discovery--that I hadn't known sooner, that I hadn't been able to prevent it, that an innocent person was being hurt by bullies. 

My husband mentioned seeing some pretty red flowers - maybe poppies? - planted at our local train station. I like to take photos early in the morning, so the next morning, I took a ride to the train station. It had just rained, which didn't deter me because sometimes puddles can make for some interesting reflections. I was delighted to see that the mass planting was indeed poppies, but a little sad to see they were rain-soaked. Do you know what poppies look like when they are not soaking wet? Here's a photo:

photo by corina ardeleanu

(photo by Corina Ardeleanu courtesy of unsplash)

On a sunny day, poppies are some of the most joyful flowers imaginable. They stand tall on their delicate stems and turn their color-saturated faces to the sun. The rain-soaked poppies, on the other hand, were waterlogged and heavy. They did not look their best. I was disappointed that I hadn't caught them on a sunny day. But I decided to get out of the car and try to take some photos anyway. And guess what? The sun started to come out and I was able to capture the beautiful interplay of raindrops and sunlight. This felt hopeful. And I knew that as the poppies would rebound, my friend would rebound as well. And so, I named the photo "You Will Rise Again." My friend did rise again. But as life would have it, the ugliness of that tough situation reared its head repeatedly over the last two years. She continues to show resilience and her beauty truly shines, at least in my eyes.

When circumstances, bullies, or shame threaten to drag us down, I hope this photo is a reminder that the sun does *always* come out eventually. We are worthy, we have inner strength, and we can turn our face to see the sun. When we are ready, we will rise again. Storms are temporary.


A tree-free print of this image is currently hanging and for sale at Caffe di Moda in Lisle.  


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