Podcast Interview: The Art We Make

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on The Art We Make Podcast. Being interviewed about my photography was a first for me!

This thoughtful podcast is described by its creator as a "podquest to determine why we make art and what art does for us." Anna Lentz of Spring Bird, where I am the first Artist in Residence, interviews a wide variety of artists and makers, and provides her own insights into creativity as well. I was so honored to be included in her roster of creative people!

We chatted about creative spaces, scheduling creative time, my process and its evolution, the role of Instagram, future projects, and more.

Anna has created a creative sanctuary at Spring Bird Cottage and the resulting ease I feel there is apparent in this interview. I hope you give it a listen, and I would love to hear your thoughts as well! You can listen at Anna's web page or anywhere you stream your podcasts.

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