Garden Update: Summer Harvest, Fall Crops

Wow - September is here already! It has been about 8 weeks since my last garden update. Let me fill you in on some of the happenings.

I've harvested lots of beans! Despite me not planting to the full capacity of my square-foot garden, I've had enough beans to make a couple of side dishes and one bag to freeze for later. We've enjoyed them! I've recently pulled out all the bean plants and replaced them with some fall seedlings from The Gardenworks Project - kale, cabbages, and bok choy. They are still quite small, but they have plenty of time to grow in the cool weather.

I've harvested more basil, mostly making it into pesto and freezing.

I've harvested a steady supply of greens, including collards, chard and kale. 

Chives and parsley are still going strong.

I've reseeded some lettuce because it bolted in the hot weather. I'm hoping to have some nice fall salads.

My cherry tomato plant died due to shading from my ...

Zucchini plant, which I finally pulled. In gardening you need to be a little ruthless at times. I should have pulled it sooner! I did get one zucchini from it, but I learned that the issue was under-pollination. Had I realized it sooner, I probably could have corrected the problem with hand pollination and trimming back the stems that were blocking the flowers. Next year! In the spaces where the zucchini was, I've planted spinach and radish seeds for a fall crop. You can see this area in the lower left corner of the photo above.

peppersI have been harvesting these cute-and-tasty pickling peppers (the red one on the left), which I've been dicing into meals as they come. 

My regular tomato plant continues to produce well. 

Late summer is a time of transition as some crops come to an end, but we still have lots of hopes for fresh produce into at least the next month or two. In the suddenly hot and dry weather during August, there have been times when the garden looked a little sad. But with care, patience and watering, it is looking happy again.

I'll have a final update at the end of the growing season. Happy gardening!


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