Garden Update: Greens, Greens, Greens!

four-week garden progress

It's been approximately one month since I planted my square-foot garden for the GardenWorks Project and it's looking great! Even though I have been a bit lax on watering, just about everything is growing strong. Right now, greens and herbs are looking the best. I harvested some collards, kale and will harvest a beautiful head of  lettuce soon. 

Greens--collards, kale and chard--are some of my favorite vegetables to grow. They are highly nutritious and versatile in the kitchen. They have a long growing season and can generally tolerate a light frost, so they provide some of the first and last food from the garden. In addition, you can pick what you need and the plant will keep right on producing. Finally, they are simple to grow from seed and very low maintenance. You can add a fresh-picked kale leaf to a smoothie, sauté chard just like spinach, or stew your greens southern-style as a side dish. 

I will be watering more this week since no rain is expected. Check back in two weeks for another update. Happy gardening!

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