Garden Update: Everything's Blossoming


It's now been six weeks since I received my GardenWorks plants, and my garden is looking lush! Thanks to some generous rain and heat by Mother Nature, I have an abundance of leafy greens and herbs, and the rest of the garden has noticeably. grown. This garden is very low-maintenance! I've noticed that the planting density of square-foot gardening keeps the weeds away. The leaves shade the soil so well that weed seeds can't get a foothold. This is very different from the rest of my garden beds!

Here are some updates:

-The beans are flowering, so that means beans will arrive soon. I learned from GardenWorks that I had underplanted the beans. Square-foot gardening actually supports nine plants per square foot. I had only planted two. So, I planted some more seeds to fill in these spaces. 

-My zucchini plant (lower left corner) is getting big (a little too big?) and had its first blossoms. Zucchini are imminent! 

-I harvested chives, basil and parsley and used them in various dishes throughout the week.

-After the above picture was taken, I harvested nearly all of that wonderful kale. I'm going to try making kale chips. I'll let you know how they turn out.

I left my garden photo uncropped this time so you can see how these photos are getting made. I'm not tall enough to get the whole garden in the photo, even on a ladder so I've enlisted my wonderful (and taller) hubby to come out and help each time. *Thanks, Dear!* See you all in two weeks for the next update. 



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