Garden Update: Growing Is Underway

Here's a top-down look at my GardenWorks Project demo garden two weeks after planting:

 As you can see, there's been some growth! Here's what's happening:

-Beans have sprouted, but something might be eating the leaves. I'll be keeping an eye on that.

-Zucchini has sprouted.

-Something happened to my cucumber plant. I'm not quite sure what happened, but it looks chewed off and/or blighted. So, I planted some cucumber seeds that I had and hope to get another plant going in that space.cucumber blight

-I pinched back my basil plant, which means I removed the top few leaves. The plant I received was quite large to start. Pinching it back from the top helps it get bushier and not go to flower as quickly. I used the handful of basil leaves on pizza. 

-Lettuce seeds are sprouting.

-Everything else is growing! We've had plenty of rain so I haven't really had to water. My pepper plant is already forming a pepper!  pepper plant

This week, I will add some cage supports for my tomato plants. In addition, I added some cabbage moth decoys on bamboo stakes, strategically placed near my kale plants. I found cabbage moth caterpillars elsewhere in my garden chewing up some kale (a different variety). I am trying to prevent them from invading this bed as well. 

I'll update again in two weeks, or sooner if anything exciting happens. Hope your garden is going well. Let me know in the comments!

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