Flower Geometry - A Closer Look at Nature's Patterns


I recently had the privilege of working with artist Sara Peak Convery to create this special little exhibit, "Flower Geometry," which is now hanging at Gallery 338 in Villa Park, Illinois. Sara is a prolific painter who approached me about doing this project together, in which I would provide twelve nature images and she would create geometric color grids in response. I settled on flower portraits as the focus of my images, for a few reasons: One, flowers are some of my favorite subjects; two, some spring color is sorely needed right now in the midst of winter; and three, flowers have their own "geometry" of sorts--in that they are full of symmetry and pattern--and I was curious to see how Sara's color studies would take these natural designs to a new level.

The resulting exhibit features 24 color-saturated works of art that are available for sale on their own or in pairs. They bring a breath of spring and a focus for contemplation. The diversity of flowers is fascinating. Each seems to have its own personality. Studying them fosters an appreciation for the gifts and lessons of nature. And then to look at the natural color palettes, separately, in a more abstract way, is a lovely exercise for the mind. Sara mentioned that the color grids are reminiscent of quilt patterns, which traditionally are "another way of making sense of life." If you can stop by and see the exhibit, I think you'll enjoy it. It's located in a storefront window for the neighborhood to enjoy. I will keep you posted on where the prints end up next.

Sustainability note: All the photographs are printed on 100% salvaged cotton paper, making them "tree free." The paintings were made with latex house paint remnants rescued from going into the trash. Making something beautiful from something discarded makes this project that much more satisfying!

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