Tree-Friendly, Fine Art Prints!


I'm super excited to share that I've partnered with Photo Innovation Lab in Oak Park, Illinois to create some beautiful fine art prints. We selected a very special paper for these prints called Moab Entrada Rag. The texture and warmth of this paper makes the prints absolutely come alive, as you can see in the detail photos below. Plus, no trees are harmed to make it! The paper is made from salvaged cotton (left over from the textile industry) in mills powered by wind energy right here in the United States! It is chlorine-free, lignin-free and acid-free, so the image should last a lifetime. Cotton paper is considered the most eco-friendly photographic printing solution available today.

These 5x5 prints are trimmed with a wide border to fit in an 8x8-inch frame. No mat necessary. An archival backing board is included. Just pop them in the frame of your choice and they make a gorgeous little art statement. Currently listed on my Etsy shop - shop name Every Beautiful Day. 


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