Cloudy Night at Cloud Gate

A couple of years ago, I visited downtown Chicago with my family at Christmastime. It was a warm-for-December night and a wet fog crowded the air. As they do every day of the year, tourists and locals milled around and under Millennium Park's famous "Bean" sculpture (proper name "Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor) to pose for photos. The city lights reflecting off the fog gave the whole scene a metallic look. Plus, the lights of the city skyline--including some red and green accent lights--were reflected in the Bean, making the whole image glitter. Only later did I notice, in the very bottom left-hand corner of the photo, two little girls in pink snowsuits posing for a picture. To me, it captures the bustle and excitement of holiday time in the city.

This image is available as a framed wall print, 8x8 metal print and 2x2 magnet. It's also part of the Christmas in Chicago magnet set. I'll have all of these items with me at the Mayslake Holiday Market next weekend. Come on out and see it for yourself!

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