Bridge to Everything


This humble bridge in the woods is a capture from my time at Spring Bird Cottage, in Dundee, Illinois, where I have been (gratefully) Artist in Residence for the past year.

Having time and space to create has been priceless for me as a person, writer and artist. While the cottage is a cozy space containing everything a person needs for a private retreat, the surrounding woods provide much "scope for the imagination," as one of my favorite fictional characters, Anne of Green Gables, would say. I named this photo "Bridge to Everything" because to me it represents the leaping-off point for imagination. Many a child has used the woods as the setting for imaginary worlds. Surrounded by nature's beauty, it's easy to imagine yourself being anyone you want to be or doing anything you can dream of.

As many of us are currently confined to our homes during the coronavirus pandemic, using our imaginations for good is even more important than ever. We are blessed to be connected virtually. I hope this image gives you a bit of peace and inspiration.

More about why I love this photo: The bridge is stable and strong, but blends well with its environment. I love its gentle curve, the ferns in the foreground of the photo, and the way the trees are just starting to turn to autumn in the upper left corner. The light shines on the bridge just perfectly, illuminating the path to your imagination, inviting you on your own personal journey.

This is one of five tree-free prints on display through May at Gallery Cafe in Chicago. If you're interested in purchasing it, feel free to message me for details.

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